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Gender Roles Of The United States - 1195 Words

Gender roles refer to the set of social and behavioral norms that are socially appropriate for individuals of a specific sex. Gender roles are never comprehensive, even within a single country, and they are always historically and culturally unpredictable. Gender roles in the United States for one cultural group likely is not true for another cultural group. Similarly, gender roles in the United States have changed drastically over the time period. Gender roles has been the historical evolution from a single family income in which only the male spouse works and generates income, to dual family income or a family in which both spouses generate family income. The shifting gender roles in the past years has been huge. It happened so quickly†¦show more content†¦Around then, the United States was fundamentally an Agricultural society, in spite of the fact that the Industrial phase of our history was starting. The grown-up male part included acquiring a pay in somehow—most men had homesteads or ranches, or were ranch workers. Likewise, around then, there were numerous specialists, shippers, and men utilized in government, supporting and protecting a family, being solid, free, and independent, and working in the fields and advertising ranch deliver. The grown-up female part incorporated the obligation to have and to watch over youngsters, running a family unit under the supervision of a spouse, if vital, helping a husband in ranch or garden work. Running a family and looking after children was an all day work. It normally included cleaning, planning and cooking the dinners, canning and packaging the homestead create, and accommodating all needs of the spouse and youngsters. According to the article, Roles and Education: Changing Traditions in Population Planning, Vaughn states â€Å"Kids were instructed their parts when exceptionally youthful. Young men were demonstrated to cultivate and accommodate in their future families needs. They went to class where they were educated the fundamentals alongside being acquainted with profession choices. Advanced education was accessible.† Young ladies figuredShow MoreRelatedGender Roles in the United States842 Words   |  3 PagesThroughout history, women have been regarded as of lesser value than men particularly in the public sphere. This is the result of gender stratification. Gender stratification refers to the issue of sexism, â€Å"or the belief that one sex is superior to the other† (Carl et al., 2012, p. 78). The theory that men are superior to women is essential to sexism. Sexism has always had negative consequences for women. It has caused some women to avoid pursuing successful careers typically described as â€Å"masculine†Ã¢â‚¬â€perhapsRead MoreGender Roles Throughout The United States939 Words   |  4 PagesGender plays a substantial role in how Chicanxs and Latinxs live their lives in the United States. Despite that both men and women who identify as Chicanxs or Latinxs, have had a very rough time feeling accepted and respected in the United States, gender is one of the many factors that contributes to how these individuals live out their lives. Hegemony in gender roles contributes to the different lifestyles both at work and in society of Chicanx and Latinx men and women in the way that women andRead MoreGender Roles in Vietnam and in the United States1178 Words   |  5 Pagesinterviewed my grandmother with gender role b ecause I think she knows more about that. So she could help me understand more about gender roles between the two countries such as Vietnam and the United States as well as what is a difference compared to the past and present. My grandmother was born and raised in Vietnam has more than 45 years ago, before my grandmother emigrated and lived in the United States so far. I posed various questions about the gender role with her. She replied that when sheRead MoreTraditional Gender Roles During The United States835 Words   |  4 PagesSarah (1998) examined traditional gender roles among men and women in the United States as well as in Mexico. The study revealed distinct differences between traditional gender roles perceptions held by Americans and Mexicans. The authors state that family settings in Mexico have been characterized by a dominance of the husband. The women are expected to make sacrifices for the sake of their families. They engage in household chores while the men are tasked with the role of providing income to the familyRead MoreGender Roles in the Abrahamic Faiths in the United States564 Words   |  2 PagesGender roles, like all other facets of society, have changed greatly since the Pilgri ms landed in 1620. While Christians were the first to practice an Abrahamic religion in what is now the United States, Jews and Muslims quickly followed, and they had to situate themselves within a predominantly Christian societal framework. In the early 1800s, Charleston, South Carolina, was home to many Jews (Marcus 64), though nowadays there tend to be large Jewish communities in large cities. In 1806, Myer MosesRead MoreGender Aspects Of Gender Roles In South Africa998 Words   |  4 Pagesmay know gender roles are the roles that us women and men play in society. Our society has a set of ideas for how they expect men and women to be. They determine how us females and males think, speak, dress and interact with society. Children begin to learn about gender roles at a very young. Around the age of three they begin to notice the differences between girls and boys. They are passed on from one generation to another. Gender roles are constantly changing throughout time. Gender roles are differentRead MoreGender Roles And The United Arab Emirates1496 Words   |  6 Pagesin the workplace. Though not fully accomplished, women in the United States have made major advancements. Some women in other countries on the other han d, such as those in the Arab Emirates, are still far behind in achieving an equal work life. In showing the idea that gender roles are socially constructed rather than biologically determined, the similarities and differences between the United States’ and the United Arab Emirates’ gender specific job stereotypes, pay differences between males and femalesRead MoreThe Republic, By Plato1250 Words   |  5 PagesKallipolis to adopt gender blind equality since banishing women from the workforce would be equivalent to wasting half of the city’s resources. Regardless of whether it was intentional, Plato’s ideal society adopts a form of gender equality that was radically ahead of its time. The contrasts between Kallipolis and the United States are stark. On the issue of gender equality I believe that the United States could learn from the model of Kallipolis. Plato’s society exhibits a form of gender equality thatRead MorePhilippines Annexation and US Masculinity1258 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿In 1898, the United States of America was in the midst of a complete remolding of the nations reputation. Just having recently ended the Civil War among the states in the United States and once again forging war with the Spanish-American War, the United States was after a more masculine image and reputation. Due to the nature of the country at that moment in time, the American government wanted to prove their superiority among other emerging nations and in doing so chose to colonize and annex nationsRead MoreGender Roles And The Media867 Words   |  4 Pagesmany roles that men have, such as, police officer, doctor and running to become president, while a nurse and tea cher have emerged as both men and women jobs. Over time, the media show how gender role had changed but are what the media is showing the truth about the gender roles in the United States. Historian and scholar had written about this subject of gender roles and how the media affect our view. Thesis statement Reality vs. Fiction Is the media giving the public a reality of how gender roles

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A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen - 834 Words

Mr. Krogstad, a former employee of Torvald is the leading antagonist in A Doll House. He clearly has an agenda and a lust for power. Krogstad’s lust for power gives the reader a sense of subtle rage because Krogstad only wants what’s best for him and his family but he exploits Nora for his own gain. Krogstad advances the plot by controlling Nora through a loan, while illuminating both main characters, and reinforcing the themes of confusion and lost love. Krogstad influences the plot in a very influential way from the very beginning when Nora and Krogstad both meet. He tries to use Nora as a puppet in order to save his job at the bank, Krogstad asks Nora to â€Å"influence on my behalf (837).† He is clearly trying to persuade Nora in order to keep his â€Å"subordinate position in the bank (837).† Nora then tries to play this down by informing Krogstad that she has no influence and that no one is trying to take his position at the bank. Krogstad lashes ou t at Nora in order to order to get a reaction. To understand this aggression the reader needs to understand male psychology. â€Å"According to the recalibrational theory of anger, anger is an adaptation designed by natural selection to regulate conflicts of interest.† (Physical Strength). Krogstad’s anger lead him to the decision to lash out at Nora because Krogstad believed that Nora had the power to control Torvald. Krogstad’s anger influenced Nora because Nora was frightened of Krogstad. The reader eventually finds out why. â€Å"I’m notShow MoreRelatedDoll’s House by Henrik Ibsen1126 Words   |  4 PagesHenrik Ibsen wrote the book, Doll’s House, in the late 1870s about the life of the common woman in Norway during the 1870s. The book gave society an inside of look of the life women in general. Woman during this time were oppressed and men were contemptuous towards women. Women that opposed their husband were considered mentally insan e and sent to a mental institution. The book is about a domesticated woman named Nora. Nora lives in a house with her husband and their three kids. Nora main job toRead MoreA Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen1725 Words   |  7 Pagessuffrage, took place from 1848-1920. In the drama A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen, readers are presented with what seems to be the perfect little American dream home. Anti-feminist values are presented immediately in the first scenes of the play and carry out until the end. The play was written in 1879, a time when the feminist movement was just starting to take shape and become well known. The drama A Doll’s House has feminist themes that indicate Henrik Ibsen to be a supporter of the feminist movement throughRead MoreA Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen1492 Words   |  6 PagesA Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen was written in 1879 during the Victorian Era. The story is written as a play to be performed on stage. The two main characters Nora and Torvald Helmer are upper middle class husband and wife, but it boils down to social expectations. Conflicts arise when women are under their husbands rule for everything and society pressure to keep up appearances. Torvald Helmer is the antagonist to Nora, his wife, because he is mostly concerned about his reputation, he is the supremeRead MoreA Dolls House, by Henrik Ibsen1539 Words   |  7 PagesThe themes of â€Å"objecthood† and â€Å"feminine liberation† in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House as conveyed through the characterization of Torvald and Nora, diction, stage directions and structure in two integral scenes. Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House conveys the story of a wife’s struggle to break away from the social norms of late nineteenth century middle class Europe. Throughout the play, Ibsen focuses on Nora’s characterization and experiences and thus this leads the reader to perceive her as the protagonistRead MoreA Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen1556 Words   |  7 Pagesprevalent in a variety of literary selections. This paper will focus on animal imagery in Henrik Ibsens A Dolls House by using the reader response strategy. In the play A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen, animal imagery is used in the development of the main character Nora. It is also later found that the animal imagery is a critical part in understanding who Nora is and how other characters perceive her. Ibsen uses creative animal imagery to develop Noras character throughout the play. The animalRead MoreA Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen1829 Words   |  7 Pages Henrik Ibsen, writer of his most famed play A Doll’s House. Ibsen emphasizes on small-town life in this play. A Doll’s House takes place in the 1880s in Europe/Norway and based on a married couple, Torvald Nora, who are considered to be middle class. The main character Nora in Ibsen’s play, A Doll’s House, seems to give this false installment of her identity. She is both unpredictable and childlike. The entire first and second act she spends giving this hidden subtext that she is unreliableRead MoreA Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen868 Words   |  3 Pagesmoney is considered to hold the most power. In the case of the household, the person who holds the most power is the person who handles the money, and in our man-centric world, it is usually the man who holds both money and power. In Henrik Ibsens play A Doll’s House, the theme of money is used to establish power roles between the characters of the play, and how the theme contributes to typical gender roles in the 19th century. A womans duty in the 19th century was to exhibit â€Å"piety, purity, submissivenessRead MoreA Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen Essay961 Words   |  4 PagesIn Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House, pointedly captures the reality of the Victorian Era within the play. Nora Helmer, the protagonist of the story, represents the typical women in society during that era. The audience’s first impression of Nora is a money obsessed, childish, obedient house wife to her husband, Torvald Helmer. However, as the play progresses one can see that Nora is far from being that typical ideal trophy wife, she is an impulsive liar who goes against society’s norm to be whomRead More A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen Essay842 Words   |  4 PagesA Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen â€Å"A dolls house† was written by Henrik Ibsen and produced by famous actors during the time of the 1800’s; in fact it was the year of 1879 to be precise. It was around this time that many different Social, cultural and historical moments were changing through time, leaving the end result to change not only one country but had an effect on most of the world. For this section of the work I will be carefully discussing with you the issues of; * Social events Read More A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen Essay1111 Words   |  5 PagesA Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen The play â€Å"A Doll’s House† by Henrik Ibsen is about a wife that is hiding a big secret from her overprotective husband. The play takes place on Christmas Eve till the day after Christmas. Nora Helmer and Torvald Helmer have been married for 8 years, yet Nora is hiding something from Torvald that she thinks would ruin everything if he found out. It opens up with Nora coming home and decorating the house for Christmas and making preparations. They have 3 children:

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Frederick Douglass, A Social Reformer And Advocate For...

The first thing that people associate the name â€Å"Frederick Douglass† with is the entire movement of abolitionism. Rightfully so, however Douglass not only played a part in the movement that would eventually get rid of 270 years of legal slavery. Frederick Douglass was a massive force in the realm of politics in the 1800s altogether. Frederick Douglass was a social reformer and advocate for basic human rights. Not only was he the victim of the unfair system of slavery, which he was eventually able to escape by posing as a sailor in Baltimore year 1838, but he perhaps was one of the main components in the movement that would eventually abolish it. When we also discuss the work he did in social reform, we must acknowledge that he was an advocate for all sorts of reform. Whether it was slaves, people in the lower class, or women, who at the time had very little freedom and rights to exercise in comparison to their male-counterparts, Frederick Douglass showed up, and fought for those less fortunate. A true angel in that regard, which makes it incredibly more interesting to learn about him, his interest, and the surrounding environment and individuals that were his driving force. In addition, from reading excerpts of the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, it gives you a great sense of the cruelty of basic human knowledge that slaves had to go through. For example, imagine if today you woke up into a world where you couldn’t even guess how old you were, and what date youShow MoreRelatedTranscendentalism In Emersons The Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass1735 Words   |  7 PagesAs humans, we take heart in subscribing to certain beliefs, and we do this with great ease and alacrity; after all, vague ideals seem easy enough to adopt when merely on paper. We experience difficulties, however, when forced to translate these beliefs into actions. In Frederick Douglass’s 1845 The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an Amer ican Slave, the self-agency Douglass utilizes to escape the bondage of slavery seems similar to the actualization that comes through trusting one’s ownRead MoreBibliographic Essay on African American History6221 Words   |  25 Pages Introduction In the essay â€Å"On the Evolution of Scholarship in Afro- American History† the eminent historian John Hope Franklin declared â€Å"Every generation has the opportunity to write its own history, and indeed it is obliged to do so.†1 The social and political revolutions of 1960s have made fulfilling such a responsibility less daunting than ever. Invaluable references, including Darlene Clark Hine, ed. Black Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia 2nd ed. (New York: Oxford UniversityRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesUniversity All rights reserved Published 2010 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Essays on twentieth century history / edited by Michael Peter Adas for the American Historical Association. p. cm.—(Critical perspectives on the past) Includes bibliographical references. ISBN 978-1-4399-0269-1 (cloth : alk. paper)—ISBN 978-1-4399-0270-7 (paper : alk. paper)—ISBN 978-1-4399-0271-4 (electronic) 1. History, Modern—20th century. 2. Twentieth century. 3. Social history—20th century

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Essay on 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act - 1331 Words

1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act Right before a movie starts in your theatre, you’re subjected to many advertisements. One that always stood out was the piracy campaign ad which gave a perspective on the downloading of movies from an off set worker. His distinctive message was that, movie stars are paid exorbitant amounts of money but the on and off set workers are not. By downloading the movie or â€Å"screener† in advanced, you’re really hurting the people behind the magic. So what does this have to do with us? Under the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act it states that copyright holders can send cease-and-desist letters to Internet providers when subscribers are discovered sharing unauthorized material. Has our privacy been†¦show more content†¦I believe internet piracy has created a new topic that wont be resolved by the end of this paper or anytime soon. In the case of the RIAA going after certain internet service providers i.e. Verizon, has led me to believe that even though co untless acts of piracy are being committed daily, by prosecuting the people without their full consent still constitutes as a violation. The question is how far can the law take you? When Napster closed its gates in 2000, there were 20 million users angry and confused, leaving many people to blame Metallica: the iconic heavy metal group. They felt that the music that was being distributed violated the intellectual property law. The group blamed Napster (in its free form idea), not Napster Inc. (today) that they were not being compensated for and also one of the major reasons for the slumping record sales. The only problem I see with this is that the â€Å"slaying of one enemy only to seed the field with a thousand new opponents – opponents who are, not indecently, its own best customers.† (Cave and Quistgaard) Programs like Kazaa, Gnutella, WinMX and a thousand more just like its predecessor have one key difference: there is no central server. This means now the record label cannot individually sue. Or can they? The approach to this problem now is by individually fining people. â€Å"The RIAA recently settled lawsuits against four college students for $12,500 to $17,500 each.† (Graham, 2003) The idea they are trying toShow MoreRelated The Effects of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 Essay1313 Words   |  6 PagesThe Effects of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 The verb copy is defined as â€Å"To reproduce an original.† (Webster, 57-58) This idea of copying has been around for hundreds of years. In the current time, laws have had to be written to protect against the idea of copying someone else’s work. There are ways around the copyright laws. â€Å"A copy is in violation of a copyright if the original can be â€Å"perceived, reproduced, or otherwise communicated by or from the copy, directlyRead MoreDigital Technology And Its Effects On The World1639 Words   |  7 Pagesagainst some very complex issues such as how to control piracy of copyrighted digital media. However, copyright owners have sought out legal means to protect their intellectual assets. In recent years copyright laws have been in effect to strike a balance between protecting the rights of authors, artist and copyright owners, and according to the U.S. Constitution, to â€Å"promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts.† Digital technology, unlike analog technology that preceded it, can make large copiesRead MoreEssay about The Digital Millennium Copyright Act1449 Words   |  6 PagesThe Digital Millennium Copyright Act Signed into law by President Clinton on October 28, 1998, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was the foundation of an effort by Congress to implement United States treaty obligations and to move the nations copyright law into the digital age. (Executive Summary DMCA Report) While this seems a valid description of the law, perhaps a more accurate interpretation lies in the following statement: The DMCA is a piece of legislation rushed throughRead MoreImpact Of The Digital Millennium Copyright Act On Copyright Enforcement And Fair Use3378 Words   |  14 PagesImpact of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act on Copyright Enforcement and Fair Use Jean-Paul Muyshondt University of North Carolina Wilmington Abstract The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 has changed the focus of copyright enforcement away from the act of copyright infringement and toward the act of circumvention of the technologies used to protect the rights of digital media owners. Additionally, the act has had adverse effects that outweigh the benefits that it provides. Key Words:Read MoreThe Digital Millennium Copyright Act1513 Words   |  7 Pagesadvent of the Internet, Congress passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in 1998 to address the obligations imposed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Treaty. Owners of copyright were concerned that their works would be pirated online, and the existing legal systems in place at the time were insufficient to protect individuals and the industry as a whole. The DMCA was passed in 1998 with the intention of stopping copyright infringers from circumventing anti-piracy protectionsRead MoreCopyright Law On The Planet1278 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet† (Mark Twain). The concept of copyright in the United States has a large history. The first form of copyright in the United States stems from Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8 of the U.S. Constitution in the year 1787, where â€Å"Congress shall have power . . . to promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writingsRead MoreJudge Chavez And The Case1006 Words   |  5 Pagesher work. Copyright for photographers means owning property. With ownership, you get certain exclusive rights to that property. For photographic copyrights, the ownership rights include: (1) To reproduce the photograph; (2) To prepare derivative works based upon the photograph; (3) To distribute copies of the photograph to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease, or lending (4) To display the photograph publicly This can be found in the U.S. Copyright Act at 17 URead MoreDancing Baby Revelation : Consideration On Notice And Take Down Procedure Under Chinese Copyright Law1704 Words   |  7 PagesDancing Baby Revelation: Consideration on Notice and Take Down Procedure under Chinese Copyright Law Qianhui Zhang Introduction On February 7, 2007, a 29-second video was uploaded onto YouTube by Stephanie Lenz. The video was about her two toddlers pushing a push-toy and â€Å"dancing† along with the song â€Å"Let’s go crazy†by Prince. â€Å"About four seconds into the video, Lenz asks her thirteen month-old son ‘what do you think of the music?’ after which he bobs up and down while holding a push toy.† AsRead More Is Copy Protection Cracking Ethical? Essay1993 Words   |  8 Pagesare then able to use and copy the item without the copy protection preventing or hindering their use. This process is commonly known as cracking and the hackers involved in the process are known as crackers. Cracking is commonly viewed as an illegal act in many countries as it is typically used to steal copies of the copyrighted item. However, there are benefits to cracking. It can remove the inconveniences the copy protection scheme imposes on users and in some cases allow users to work around incompatibilitiesRead MoreInternet Legislation And The Loss Of American Freedom1853 Words   |  8 Pagesstop the digital copyright infringement of American intellectual properties, mainly in foreign countries, but the overly vague wording in the bills made it hard to decipher their real intentions (Yu). For a multitude of reasons, these bills were staunchly protested not only by American citizens, but they also received protest from numerous international groups (York). Though some may argue that SOPA, PIPA, or CISPA may have had some value, they did not have the intended result of ending digital theft

Violent Music and It’s Impact on children Free Essays

Violent Music and it Impact on Children Causes and Impact of Emotional, Financial, and Physical Abuse of the Elderly Augustine Reeves Delaware Community County College April 16 2014 Introduction Does violent music really impact children life? We asked these questions every day, but do we get the right answers? This is unpredictable. No one knows what will be the outcome if we do not have music in our life. When I was a kid music was part of my every day activities. We will write a custom essay sample on Violent Music and It’s Impact on children or any similar topic only for you Order Now Rap, RB, Country etc. Was profanities used in those songs? Yes. Did I used them in the streets? Yes. But does it really makes us who we are today. Different Medias Anderson, Carnage, and Banks(2003) emphasize the differences between Medias which one is more effective. Such as watching music videos and listening to audios only music. Is it more effective for a kid to do what he or she saw in the video, then saying what he or she heard in a music lyric. Music videos are more doable for children. Children will most likely take what they saw and transform it in their way of doing. The why Most parents who cares about their children behaviors will always block musical channels like B. E. T and M. T. V, and would rather allow their children to sites to MPH music. In other to imitates a music lyric, you have to be a good listener, how to use to lyrics in different ways. Violent Music lyrics Impact on Children When listening to audio music with lyric, it increases thought, aggression, and emotions feeling on children. Most words that are used in lyrics are aggressive and nonaggression. According to Exposure to Violent Music, Craig A. Anderson, Nicholas L. Carnage, and Jeanie Banks(2003) did an experiment on Aggressive and Nonaggression words. Aggressive Words blood, fight hurt wound butcher gun choke hatchet knife Nonaggression Words alley drugs police stick animal movie red bottle night rock The experiment was to allow college students to listen to music with these aggressive words and nonaggression words and see what will be the outcome, and heir behaviors. The outcome was very clear that after the experiment was over the students who listened to the aggressive music had more negative feeling and aggressive thought of doing something, then the student who listened to the non- aggressive songs. Children have the mind of believing anything they hear or sees. Children who listens to aggressive music believe that they do not need to go to school, they believe they can sell drugs, become a rapper themselves, not listening to their parents because that what they heard while listening to aggressive music. That how aggressive music can impact children life. Violent Music video Impact on Children life According to helping to Curb Youth Violence, Jan L. Peterson and Russ Newman (2000) believed that youth between the age 12 and 24 year face the highest risk of being involves in violent acts and most likely involved in being kill. About nearly 60% of kid death are result of violent behaviors. Such as, homicide, accidents, gang fighting, dating assault etc. Because youth spend almost 6 to 12 hours a day watching MET, B. E. T, Youth, and other music channels. Musical videos is more about sexual oriented acts. It is said that teen who listen to rap video become more involve in violent dating. Musical videos are influenced and threaten to children. Conclusion I believe to that my thinking, my movement, my thoughts have something to do with music. As a youth I believe the image of music, the words, the videos act should be limited. But at the same time we cannot live without these things in our life no matter how risky it is. Life can be very stressful especially for the elderly. Sometime it is hard to imagine how life would be financially when getting older and knowing you won’t be able to work and support your family. Situation like those can lead to depression, emotions, and can sometime lead to violent in the family. Most elderly realize that they cannot depend on social security tax anymore. Financial Exploitation on Elderly According to Shells L. Jackson and Thomas L. Haberdasher (2012), financial exploitation is defined as the illegal or improper use of an elderly person’s funds, property, or assets. It is said that elderly victims annually loss $2. 9 billion to financial exploitation in Midlife 2009. Those lost can be very effective on the elderly because these are something they worked for their life. Retirement is what every individual wants so they can rest and enjoy what they worked for. But how do they lead to depression? As a retire person it is hard to replace a lost assets. Therefore it can lead to loss of independence and security for an elderly person. With that situation the person have to rely on a family member, or even going far as getting on social welfare. For that season it can lead to self-decline, depression, even suicide attempt. What leads to Depression on Elderly? Depression does not really start with someone already at the age of 65. It can start with a person at age of 17 and follow till they are in their ass’s. According to The relationship between stress and depression, Vivian Kraal], Simms Seekers, and Ella Remains state that life events in relation to physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and maltreatment during childhood. For example, a 16 year old girl lost both parents at that age she will most like be depress and might affect her life going forward. Elderly depression can also come from lack of financially assistance at a young age. A person who can work, or work and not save enough for the future can lead to depression. Because at the age of 50 they to worry about who will take care of them, they’ll to worry about going to nursing home. Causes of Physical Abuse on Elderly Elderly people experience more physical abuse then others. Some causes of physical abuse on elderly are domestic violence and caregiver problem. Family issues come with domestic violence. The process of an elderly person living with a spouse can be trustful especially if the elder is sick or have mental issues. Sometime it can be financial problem. Buying all the medication, the food, and cloths. If the spouse not doing to responsibility it is consider as an abuse. The next one is caregivers. Sometime caregivers are having their own problem. It may be personal issues, psychological issues, and mental issues. The risk is very high when someone with these situation life with an elder. Physical Abuse can come when a sick elderly refuses to take his or her medication especially when it is at a consistence rate. The receiver can become to scream, names calling, and sometimes lead to hitting the elderly person. Conclusion Most elderly people are committing suicide because of how they are treated, how abuses people are to them, losing the asset makes them believe life is not worth living. Stress and depression mostly causes heart attack on elderly people. People work hard and save to live in the future, so let them live to the fullest of it. Reference Page Anderson, A. C. , Carnage, L. N. , Banks, J. (2003). Exposure to violent media: The effects of Songs with violent lyrics on aggressive thoughts and feelings. How to cite Violent Music and It’s Impact on children, Papers

Airport and Cheap Air Travel free essay sample

The advantages and disadvantages of travelling by airplane As well as being very exciting, airplane travel really can be one of the most efficient ways to travel around the world. The availability of cheap air travel means that it is now easy for almost anyone to fly anywhere. We will now look at the advantages and disadvantages of air travel. The Pros of Travelling by Airplane. Nobody can doubt the fact that our lives have been changed by air travel. It is much faster to travel by plane; it is possible to cross to the other side of the world in less than a day. It is now possible to easily go to places that would previously been too far away for most of us to travel to. When you are looking for a safe way to travel from one place to another, air travel is near the top. It is now possible to get to destinations all over the world at very affordable prices because of the availability of cheap flights. We will write a custom essay sample on Airport and Cheap Air Travel or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Airplanes can be quite comfortable and this makes it a nice way to travel There are a number of disadvantages to travelling by plane these days even though it really has made a big difference to most people’s lives. Most airports will be situated on the outskirts of the city so once you get off the plane you will still have a bit of a journey before reaching your final destination. And when you take into consideration, the fact that you have to wait around in the airport before taking off, plane travel can sometimes end up taking you just as long as other types of travel, particularly internal flights. There are a lot of people who feel that the hassle involved with security checks on airplanes can be quite troublesome. You do not have nearly the same room for movement on a plane as you do on a train. Some economy sections of certain planes are quite crammed and there is very little room.

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Importance of Marketing Strategies in Small and Medium Size Enterprise

Question: Discuss about the Importance of Marketing Strategies in Small and Medium Size Enterprises. Answer: Project Description Background of the Research Marketing is one of the essential business practices, which are crucial for satisfying the stakeholders' needs by aligning them with organizational strategies (Pentina Koh, 2012). It has seen that because of ineffective implementation of marketing strategies, small retail organizations failed to grasp significant market share in this growing competitive marketplace. Several studies have demonstrated that the small and medium-size enterprises have been playing an imperative economic role irrespective of the industry they belong (Resnick et al., 2016). Over the period they are experiencing difficulties regarding effective management of marketing practices. One of the possible reasons is that the small and medium size enterprises mainly attempt to maximize short-term revenue with a market segmentation approach, which significantly affected the establishment of proper marketing strategies for them. In order to promote brands, products, and services, marketing activities are very necessa ry from the organizational perspectives. In small and medium sized business organization, ineffective use of marketing strategies not only affects the business performance but also affect the customer satisfaction badly. Therefore, it is very necessary to optimize the marketing challenges for gaining maximum profit and economic growth to promote organizational brand across the world. There exists a list of research works also exemplified the fact that when large organizations have an effective marketing plan, because of the shortage of marketing resources, the inability of gathering data associated with their activities, the small and medium size enterprises mainly rely on inside information. Under such circumstances, though proper marketing strategies seem crucial for small and medium size enterprises, there is no such empirical evidence that illustrates the severity level. In this proposal, the small and medium sized industries of Australia are focused on analyzing the importance of marketing strategies for organizational success. The research questions are to meet the research objectives properly. Apart from this, appropriate research design and data analysis technique is selected to gain accurate result and to draw a suitable conclusion at the end of the report. Research Aims and Objectives The main aim of this research study is to identify the necessity of marketing plan and strategies in small and medium business organization for achieving maximum benefits and higher customer satisfaction. Successful completion of this study will help the business organization to identify the challenges exists in their business operation and accordingly able to make required changes to remain competitive in the cutthroat retail market. The research objectives are as follows: To identify the importance of marketing strategies in small and medium business organizations To analyze the impacts of using marketing plans in SMEs Research Significance Problem Statement Rapid changes in the outer world and customer orientation create greater potential barriers in front of small and medium sized (SMEs) business organization. While, the growth, and performance of the organization is majorly dependent on strategies; the deficiency in it in the case of SMEs are decisive, which required further exploration. In addition, the leadership skills that required for establishing effective marketing strategy is another important aspect, where SMEs are facing difficulties. 2.2 Marketing in SMEs According to Dzisi Ofosu (2014), SMEs are facing challenges regarding planning, pricing of products, forecasting, and training. Marketing is a crucial aspect of promoting the products and services to the customers. It is one of the key strategies to draw potential customers towards the organization as well as to maintain customers' loyalty. Yang, Wang Sharma (2012) mentioned that marketing activities should be shaped for SMEs by considering the needs of the customers, competitors, and external business environment. Marketing Challenges of SMEs Anderson (2012) opined that, lack of business size, poor cash flow, lack of marketing expertise and inabilities to make impactful decisions are the major reasons for the failure of SMEs. Bettiol, Di Maria Finotto (2012) acknowledged that in most SMEs, the marketing plans and strategies are informal, spontaneous and unstructured. The greatest problem faced by the organizations is that they are unable to hire a marketer who can carry out the marketing activities strategically for the organizational well fare. In addition, the owner-manager of the organization who has the responsibilities to monitor business functions such as production, purchasing and advertisement are unable to align the marketing strategies with organizational goals and objectives. Figure 1: Theoretical Framework of Marketing Plans in SMEs (Source: Hallbck Gabrielsson 2013, pp-1012) Use of Social Media as Marketing Solution In order to deal with the challenges, SMEs should adopt social media as a business marketing practice. Use of social media enables the business organization to communicate with the stakeholders and customers directly to understand their needs and requirements. Advanced social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook helps to promote the brands and products over the internet so that the customers can easily find out their needs without any hassles. In addition, Resnick et al., (2016) acknowledged that these platforms also help to optimize the queries of the customers very easily with advanced analytic techniques and tools. In order to build effective relationships for a smooth and reliable business operation, this kind of marketing strategies is very necessary for SMEs. Therefore, it can be argued that implementation of effective marketing plans and strategies are very crucial for the business success of SMEs. In the case of SMEs, ineffective use of marketing plans failed this org anization to make a sustainable place in this competitive world. Use of social media is the best option to optimize the challenges and to help the organization for achieving maximum profit and growth. This social media platform contributes to promoting the brands and products over the internet which helps to achieve greater customer satisfaction. Conceptual Framework of the Study Figure 2: Conceptual Framework (Source: Created by Author) Research Questions The researcher will follow the bellow mentioned research questions for this study: Why is marketing strategy decisive for small and medium size organizations? What are the best possible outcomes of using effective marketing plans in small enterprises References Ananda, A. S., Hernndez-Garca, ., Lamberti, L. (2014, June). 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